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Interior Design

The design consultation is the first, most essential step in defining any project, regardless of size. Whether it is new construction, large renovations, or change of an existing design, Nina will meet with you to discuss your ideas and plans.


This collaborative effort is just the beginning of the journey. An important outcome of initial meetings is to discuss not only style and aesthetic preferences, but to clarify the scope of the project, the time frame and the budget.


Nina will begin by clarifying what your ideas and goals are,  and then guide you in the right direction.






All of the aspects that encompass buying and selling homes and apartments, from construction to renovation, can be dizzying! 
For many people, a home  is their largest purchase and biggest asset. Showing an empty, rundown or dated house can be discouraging to buyers, and often makes selling more difficult.


That's where staging comes  in. During a staging, Nina takes a lifeless and uninspiring space and uses furniture, rugs, lighting, artwork and more to transform it into a luxurious home ready to be sold. This process gives prospective clients better insight into the many possibilities the space really has to offer.  


As one of Nina's clients, you will have access to her furnishings, many of which can be bought for 

your new home.


Please contact us by
phone or email to learn more.

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